The Morning After

The traditional Hank Stuever wrap up piece:

We’ve been doing this forever, not just since the middle afternoon, not just for eight decades of Oscar. Clytemnestra, in ancient Greek tragedy, put down a red carpet (or purple robes, in some translations) for her husband Agamemnon when he returned from war. She did it because she hated him, and she wanted to trick him into showing arrogance, which would displease the gods. He knew this, but he walked the red carpet anyhow. (Exclaiming as he did: Oh ma gaw!, Jessica Simpson-style.)

He must not have been allowed into the Vanity Fair party this year, it seems… Oh well. William Booth turns in a fun take as well.

Ed’s party was great fun. Now my head hurts and I’m sleepy.

1 thought on “The Morning After”

  1. I like Hank’s writing–it’s very incisive and funny. He’s better at skewering celeb culture than Kathy Griffin, IMHO.
    I don’t know him at all, but I used to hang out with his boyfriend, back in the day…

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