Attention, Dave Itzkoff

Girls and non-white guys write great science fiction books too*. On the plus side, he mostly likes Dave Marusek’s book. (I was feeling charitable.)

*I’m not saying that’s not a list of great books, but not one woman? No Chip Delany?

Updated: Matt Cheney breaks down what’s wrong with the column, something I was far too lazy to even attempt.

Lauren McLaughlin, more charitably, thinks the column raises some valid points for SF writers to consider.

Carrie thinks this may be the NYTBR’s "first hipster book column."

1 thought on “Attention, Dave Itzkoff”

  1. For the record — I just got a query saying:
    “So, yes, the story is indeed science fiction, but I worked hard to transcend the genre’s traditional problems (the heavy exposition, the tendency to drift off into the fantastical and outrageous) and make it not just accessible to the common man, but downright compelling for him.”
    Um, if i actually work in this field, i MIGHT difer in your estimation of “the common man?”

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