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AirrymancoverI just heard a rumor that Geoff Ryman’s Air: Or, Have Not Have is getting the Tiptree Award this year. If this is true, and it seems almost too good to be, then it’s the next best news ever beside this. I’ll update this as soon as it’s official (or turns out to be a happy lie). Also, if this news is out all over the place and I just haven’t seen it yet, point the way, soldiers It’s official! Thanks, JJA! And for those who don’t know what the Tiptree is, it’s presented each year to a "work that explores and expands gender roles in science fiction and fantasy."

The shortlist has also been announced: Aimee Bender, Willful Creatures (Doubleday 2005); Margo Lanagan, “Wooden Bride” (in Black Juice, Eos 2005); Vonda N. McIntyre, “Little Faces” (SciFiction 02.23.05); Wen Spencer, A Brother’s Price (Roc 2005); Wesley Stace, Misfortune (Little, Brown 2005); and Mark W. Tiedemann, Remains (Benbella Books 2005).

The press release includes quotes from a couple of jurors about Air, including past winner Matt Ruff:

Jury chair Liz Henry says, “Geoff Ryman’s brilliantly written sf novel takes a long look at what happens when all boundaries are crossed, national, cultural, and individual, when "Air", an internet-in-your-head technology, connects people with drastic consequences. … The unusual pregnancy in mid-book is jarring, shaking readers’ expectations of what boundaries stories can push.” And Matt Ruff, author of Set This House in Order and Sewer, Gas, and Electric, says: “Reading Air for the first time, I was torn between excitement at having discovered something truly special, and fear of the inevitable false step that would ruin it. But Geoff Ryman never stumbled… Air is a smart, moving story about men and women–especially women–striving to adapt to a new technology and the threat and promise of cultural change it brings with it.”

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  1. I gotta pull for Wes, otherwise known in the folkpop world as John Wesley Harding. Though I guess I oughta actually read that honkin’ big Misfortune currently squatting on my bookshelf.

  2. Unlike most awards, the shortlist just recognizes work the jurors particularly wanted to — there’s a longlist too. But that usually doesn’t come out to Wiscon. Ryman has conquered!

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