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So after Creators 4 Comics finished, my beloved ride-or-dies Kami Garcia and Sam Humphries and I decided we should come up with a way to keep scheming and working together. We finally got to announce it last week! Get ready for THE YOUNGBLOODS, an Audible original series coming next year! Also! You can enter to …

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Summer Sweepstakes Giveaway

The lovely people at St. Martin’s are running a sweepstakes that can get you a super-cute bag AND ARCs for their fall romances, including NOT YOUR AVERAGE HOT GUY! It runs until 8/15, so you can post once or many times up until then! Go here for all the details and to enter.

Cirque Sale!

The two novels in the Cirque American series are on e-sale for Kindle all month! If you haven’t read them… Girl on a Wire is the high wire walker book of my dreams and one of my favorites of my own stuff (*feels other books getting mad at me*). It has multigenerational circus families, a …

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Minding the Gap

I know, I know, I said blog every week, newsletter every month — but this felt like more of a letter topic than a blog topic, so I’m cheating and using it as both. I want to talk a little about mindfulness. Don’t worry. Remember I co-host a podcast about cults, so set aside any innate …

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Tap tap hellooooo

Hey, hi! One of my goals this year is to newsletter monthly and blog weekly. The newsletter just went out, so this will be a shortish post. But the important thing is I’m here. We’re a month out from the release of Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds. Preordering (or putting on hold at your library!) is caring. …

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