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So, my mostly-spontaneous irresponsible purchase of the day was a basic point-and-shoot digital video camera at Target. This is because sometimes I want to make fun videos, but have no way to do so (other than the LCDless, soundless digital camera). Now I am a camera-armed menace.

Anyway, I want to play around with it some this weekend, but the world, her canvas is too large. You’d just end up with a video of the dogs. So I want a theme, a topic, a word, a concept, a suggestion around which to organize this first, exploratory video. And, well, yeah, the dogs will be in it anyway, I’m sure. So, ideas? Something simple, flexible and fun is preferable.

One of our first little videos, I’m happy to report, featured Christopher flipping off a Hummer — already with the Brotherhood 2.0 homage.

(Also, on a more technical note, there’s the software that came with the thing and iMovie — I’ve never been able to figure out how to save iMovie vids so they are exportable to YouTube. Possible/impossible and how?)

3 thoughts on “Experimental Video”

  1. iMovie export to youtube by:
    Export — Compress for web [or web streaming — changes quality a tiny bit]
    That should be it. Or you can use the Share menu.
    1st video: how to walk a dog!

  2. Yay to dog videos!
    Can a dog go to the coffeehouse? I admit it, ever since Jeff’s Kerouac thing, I have a weakness for dogs in berets.
    Or capes!

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