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Word Count

  Word Count 
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Before you judge, I wrote 1900 words–and they weren’t half-bad.

Blurriness should be attributed to the photographermy cameraphone. A couple more snaps at the old Flickr, including one of Puck licking the keyboard.

The Neo is my favorite thing since EVER. Proper post soon, but it works sweetly with Scrivener. A winning combination.

Also, please admire the edge of our new table!

Oh, and I have a question, for you smartypants types: Is there a special name for the center of a labyrinth?

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I would take pics but there are no batteries and I am lazy. Emma’s very "glad you’re home" mellow needy, but Puck (aka Baby Moon, or as my nephews christened him "Agent Fox") is all "where are you going? please don’t go away again!" and it’s hilarious and cute. Hemingway is a mix of the two, in full-on grabbing and punching as I walk by mode.

It is good to be home.

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Dear Other People

at the Dog Park: Control your dogs! Do not let them gang up on a less-than-20-pound tiny dog so that he practically climbs up onto Christopher’s shoulder after the two of us attempt to intercede on his behalf with your gigantor dogs.

We went to the other side of the dog park. All was well. We glared. (Seriously, these people were USELESS.)

Anyway, we finally signed Puck’s official papers this afternoon. He’s ours. As you can tell by the Professor H.P. Lovecraft Miskatonic University nametag he’s trying to shake off his head in photo one. (Long story, but Emma tried so hard, all her photos are blurry.)




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