Cat and Dog Theater

Word Count

  Word Count    Originally uploaded by gwenda Before you judge, I wrote 1900 words–and they weren’t half-bad. Blurriness should be attributed to the photographermy cameraphone. A couple more snaps at the old Flickr, including one of Puck licking the keyboard. The Neo is my favorite thing since EVER. Proper post soon, but it works …

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Eternal Mysteries

Jeff Ford is the best, clearly, but he’s topped himself with today’s interactive post, which presents a mystery: Which cat is pissing on the X-Box — Kaiba, BeBe Del Grito, or Fat Head — and why? The person who most convincingly answers this question can win a free galley of his next novel, The Shadow …

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I would take pics but there are no batteries and I am lazy. Emma’s very "glad you’re home" mellow needy, but Puck (aka Baby Moon, or as my nephews christened him "Agent Fox") is all "where are you going? please don’t go away again!" and it’s hilarious and cute. Hemingway is a mix of the …

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Scary Stuff

We just tossed out a practically new container of Pounce kitty treats that have been added to the pet food recall, so keep watching the lists. The SF Chronicle’s Christie Keith has a must-read piece for pet owners on "the story behind the pet food recall" today.

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