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  1. Cooking for cats is apparently a little more complicated than for dogs, according to my beginnings of research. Their nutritional needs are finickier (of course!). My compromise is switching to one of the more holistic brands that doesn’t use weird byproducts and preservatives — we’re testing out Pet’s Pride and so far so good. Of course, one of our dogs is on Prescription Diet stuff, but I want to get her off it as soon as possible.

  2. Gwenda, which list did you see Pounce treats on?
    The brands that our cats eat aren’t on the list I saw, but recently we had begun introducing our cats to a raw food diet, and it’s seeming like a better and better idea all the time.

  3. Hey Ted — They were on Del Monte’s voluntary recall list released yesterday. Just google Del Monte and you’ll find it.
    I’ve read so much pro and con on the raw food stuff I’m totally confused by it. Our neighbors have been feeding a cooked diet to their puppy using a mix of supplements they buy at our co-op and he looks super-healthy.

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