Dear Other People

at the Dog Park: Control your dogs! Do not let them gang up on a less-than-20-pound tiny dog so that he practically climbs up onto Christopher’s shoulder after the two of us attempt to intercede on his behalf with your gigantor dogs.

We went to the other side of the dog park. All was well. We glared. (Seriously, these people were USELESS.)

Anyway, we finally signed Puck’s official papers this afternoon. He’s ours. As you can tell by the Professor H.P. Lovecraft Miskatonic University nametag he’s trying to shake off his head in photo one. (Long story, but Emma tried so hard, all her photos are blurry.)




4 thoughts on “Dear Other People”

  1. Oooooh the cute I can’t stand it can’t stand it.
    And also: you can never depend on other people to control their dogs in the dog park, or anywhere else, for that matter.
    I cannot tell you the number of people who have let their teeny tiny dog go running straight into Frodo’s face after I screamed: “DON’T LET HER NEAR HIM. HE WILL BITE YOUR DOG. I AM NOT KIDDING.”

  2. I know! I actually think in general that people with small dogs let them get away with too much because of the cute. (This will not be the case with Puck.)
    We’re hyper-aware of what our dogs are doing at the dog park, because Emma can occasionally be … cranky with other dogs if they get in her face before she’s comfortable. And we have known all along that is our responsibility to control. The dogs parks around here seem to attract mostly really great dog owners, mixed with a small but noticeable contingent of people whose dogs never get any other exercise and who just stand around while their dogs go all over the place and do whatever they want.
    I will never understand these people — the really crappy thing in this case, is that the ringleader dog was one of a matched set of gorgeous, big young dogs (possibly even older puppies). The guy with them was so not in control of them, he didn’t even realize there was a problem. Drives me crazy. Especially since Puck is generally great with other dogs. He was more bewildered by it than anything.

  3. Congratulations on signing the official papers! Puck is adorable.
    And oh, I feel your dog park pain… it makes me crazy when other dog owners are so irresponsible, because it’s what leads to restrictions for everybody – right now in England a lot of city councils are considering new laws to force dog owners to keep their dogs on the leash in *all* public places, no matter how safe (and there aren’t any dog parks here, so public fields and parks are the only places we can safely let dogs off the leash), just because there have been a few owners who’ve been so massively irresponsible about the whole thing. It’s maddening.

  4. I took my good dog and my obnoxious dog to the dog park while we were selling our house. The samll obnoxious dog was…obnoxious. I figured this was my problem, so while we were there she had to sit on my lap.
    I wished the guy with the oversized basenji mix that his wife wouldn’t neuter because they wanted the breed the damn thing would make the dog stop humping my 12 year old Golden Retriever’s face. Besides feeling that this was bad behavior on the dog’s part, I kept thinking we didn’t need to breed a dog so stupid that he couldn’t figure out which end to have sex with.

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