Word Count

  Word Count 
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Before you judge, I wrote 1900 words–and they weren’t half-bad.

Blurriness should be attributed to the photographermy cameraphone. A couple more snaps at the old Flickr, including one of Puck licking the keyboard.

The Neo is my favorite thing since EVER. Proper post soon, but it works sweetly with Scrivener. A winning combination.

Also, please admire the edge of our new table!

Oh, and I have a question, for you smartypants types: Is there a special name for the center of a labyrinth?

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  1. Aww! Puck is an adorable writing buddy. He looks like he’s ready to take a turn at the keyboard at any moment! (Either that, or be a really sweet distraction…)

  2. I’ve seen “omphalos” used for the center of a labyrinth (it’s Greek for “navel”), but I think that was just one writer’s usage. (I had to look it up then; today I didn’t remember the word but I remembered “Greek for navel” so I looked that up.)
    Actually, “navel” itself might be a good word choice, depending on your needs.

  3. Interesting, Jeffrey. Maybe I’ll invent something; I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing an already-existent resonant term.
    If only Puck could type, Steph, he’d be a true circus dog.

  4. I just looked over some kid versions of the Minotaur myth and saw references to Theseus walking deeper into the labrynth and “out from the cavern came the beast…” You might want to chack a more complete version of that myth to see if the Greeks used omphalos or any other word for the center other “cavern”. It seems that’s the most common use of labrynth in story that western language has – if it’s going to be anywhere, it would be there.

  5. I think I have six typos in that earlier comment. I’m going to blame my keyboard…:)
    There is an essay on labyrinths in the Winter issue of Cabinet (the “Bones” issue). I haven’t picked it up yet – I’m hoping it is still lingering at the bookstores on Saturday – but you might want to check out a copy for any insight on the center.
    I must say your subject sounds like way more fun than my current chapter on flying sled dogs.

  6. I judge not by typos. And oddly enough I JUST bought that issue of Cabinet last weekend — hadn’t had a chance to read it yet. Danke!

  7. The NEO is the berries..a writer’s best friend. They’ll have to put mine into the coffin with me, just in case I get a late inspiration.
    Your work desk looks a lot like mine, although the stuff in my wine glass is usually red.

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