Welcome to the new site!

Things look a littlelot different around here and should be a littlelot easier to navigate. Many thanks to wonderful Jeremy Tolbert at Clockpunk Studios for nailing this website redesign. I LOVE IT. So much I might actually keep the site updated! Since I’ve added adult fantasy and rom-com to what I write and that’s where …

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Shiny New Website!

After far too many years of putting it off, I finally hired someone who knows what they’re doing to make me a real website and… voila, this is it! Let me know what you think—I love it. And also let me just put in a plug for Jeremy Tolbert at Clockpunk Studios, the someone who knows …

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I don't think this will affect anyone, but just in case–I switched off the feedburner connection, as I've been hearing from lots of places that it's super-buggy of late. Again, I wasn't warned when I did it that this would create any problems, so I don't believe it will…but the fail-safe always-works feed is this …

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