New Review in the Chicago Tribune!

“It’s not a bya-roundup-jpg-20150723ird, it’s not a plane, it’s Lois Lane, boldly following clues wherever they lead, taking readers along for a thrilling ride.”

Lois Lane: Fallout gets a great review from Christine Heppermann in today’s Chicago Tribune Printers Row book section, along with new books I can’t wait to read by the fabulous Adam Silvera and Margo Rabb. Yay!*

(*This is the first time one of my books has gotten an actual review in a newspaper, which feels fitting because Lois — and so I’m nerdily excited about it! Hoping a Chicago friend will snap a pic for me! Also, I adored Heppermann’s Poisoned Apples, a collection of feminist, fairy tale-infused poetry, so doubly cool.)


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