Long Time No See (Oops!)

This is me making a solemn promise to update at least once a week, except when on actual deadline (because, hey, realism). Because it’s so hard to remember what I haven’t put here, and also I have this whole pretty design and easy set-up now — which means no excuse not to.

So a housekeeping attempt to update on the last month and change.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our Dangerous Ladies tour events! You were the awesomest best and we had such a great time we’re already discussing doing the whole shebang again.

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Such a great evening at Parnassus Books thanks to the lovely store crew and these lovely people! #dangerousladies A photo posted by Gwenda Bond (@gwendabond) on

It was even more fun than it looks.

In less good news, so much less it’s a whole universe of bad, we’re still absorbing the news that our beloved Emma the Dog has liver cancer. I’m determined not to turn my social presences into depressing pet news central — mostly because I rely on them for sanity breaks — and so I don’t know how much more I’ll be talking about this. But it is something that is a huge huge piece of life at the moment, so it’ll come up at least occasionally. And hopefully for some time to come. Emma, bless her, is as strong and feisty as ever at the moment, if perhaps a bit slower. We’re trying to enjoy this time with her, however much it ultimately is, as much as possible.

And there were some new interviews and things — I am positive I will leave something out, so mea culpa in advance

Keep spreading the word, friends! And hopefully some news coming up soon for you of various types. Until then . . .

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