Hair-on-Fire Update (+ LA Times FoB schedule!)

Hello! So many things are happening. It’s busy, busy times here at Chez Bond-Rowe. And I am on deadline as well, so have not been updating here as faithfully as twitter and elsewhere.

Official release for Fallout approaches! As does the date for me to turn in a draft of new thing! And there’s lots else going on, some secret and some to be revealed soon enough!

  • First up: if you’re in the Los Angeles area, come out to the Festival of Books and say hi! I’ll be on a panel Saturday at 12:30 on the YA stage, discussing new takes on classic stories with the very fancy Sara Benincasa and Danielle Paige, moderated by the also very fancy Aaron Hartzler. We’ll be signing right afterward. I’m sure it will be a good time. So come hear the things and then say hi and get books signed (I believe there will be copies of both Girl on a Wire and Lois Lane on sale). When not paneling, I will be here and there, so also say hi anywhere, if you can’t make the panel. Though I will be dashing away to a weeklong workshop in South Carolina early Sunday, so if you see someone at bookfest who looks like me Sunday — I hope it is not me! But, in the meantime, I’m very much looking forward to rooming in LA with dear friends Kelly Link and Genevieve Valentine; I suspect there will be hijinks.
  • The “what does Lois mean to you?” entries last week were fantastic. So very happy-making. The contest continues this week–through April 17 to be precise–and there will be up to 10 more winners who’ll get advance copies, announced Friday. Tweet or you can message via tumblr using the hashtag #loislanefallout. But who do I message on tumblr? you ask…
  • There is a super-fancy Lois Lane: Fallout tumblr made by the lovely Switch Press and their PR ninjas! You can submit messages via there. Or just peruse it and pet your screen (it’s that pretty). It’s filled with snippets from the book and related info and #WWLD gets its own page heading even, and I encourage you to follow and share. Happy-making.
  • Speaking of super-fancy and happy-making things: there was a Publishers Weekly email blast ad last week that a kind soul tumblred so here it is if you missed it *and* there are early copies floating around pre-official release date and that inspired a group of fabulous Lois Lane fans to put together an impromptu live-tweet re-watch of the character’s first appearance on Smallville in honor of Fallout last Friday  night. Lurking during that was a complete blast. Truly, I appreciate so many of you being excited and (hopefully) not too sick of me tweeting about this book. In some ways, promoting this one is easier than any book I’ve written, because I feel like I’m trying to honor this character we all love.
  • Did I mention I’m finishing a book? I’m working on finishing a book that I cannot tell you about just yet. Please forgive the disarray, mental and otherwise.
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