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The LA Times Festival of Books schedule is live, and I’m so so so excited to be going for the first time. Everyone I’ve talked to who has ever been, as guest or attendee, absolutely loves the FoB. My panel info is:

April 18, 12:30 p.m.: New Takes on Classic Tales: Moderator: Aaron Hartzler. Panelists: Sara Benincasa, Gwenda Bond, Danielle Paige.

There will be a signing after the panel, and there should be copies of Girl on a Wire and Lois Lane: Fallout available (yip! early!). In fact, I believe this will be the first place there will be copies of Fallout, so Los Angeles-area peoples come out. For more information and to see details on all the fabulous panels and events, visit the festival website.

I’m also working with Joseph-Beth Booksellers, which is hosting my local launch on Friday, May 8, to offer the ability to order signed copies of Fallout through them (with a nominal shipping fee), for anyone who wants to. More details to come on that. And, of course, you can always order your copy of Fallout from your local indie. Or through your local comic shop, as evidenced below:


There are many plans afoot as release is getting so. much. closer. Must finish a book draft by then (in the last third, woo!) and do many other things. Exciting times. (Not ideal for my back to stage a revolt, though it has, and so I’m taking it easy-ish this week.)

In the meantime, thanks to you guys for your enthusiasm about the first short story extra for Lois. Tim Hanley wrote some kind words about “A Real Work of Art” and Fallout: “Lois hasn’t had much to do in comics as of late, so it’s very exciting that she’s about to star in her own YA novel. And you can get your Lois fix right now with this free short story! I highly recommend checking it out, and picking up Lois Lane: Fallout on May 1. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

And it got written up on io9 (!). You can still read it at the Capstone site, Wattpad, or via Netgalley. Thanks, as always, to everyone who has read, reviewed, and helped spread the word. I heart you, Lois Army. Story two should be coming pretty soon, and I hope you guys have fun with that one too. Eep!

Also, a thank you for a milestone Girl on a Wire passed last week, which was 500 reviews on Amazon. To everyone who has read and reviewed my weird little circus book? You rock. I start writing the follow-up to it very soon.

Last, I’ve also been reading some wonderful books, so here are a few recommendations for you:

Shannon Hale’s Dangerous — I expect I’ll be recommending this one a great deal. Maisie Danger Brown is a great heroine and I enjoyed this book so much. Clever, superpowered fun for everyone who ever wanted to run away to Space Camp or save the world. (Also: Shannon Hale is my hero. When I found out she had sent in a blurb for Lois, I burst into tears. No kidding.)

Laura Ruby’s Bone Gap — Okay, I’m a broken record on this lately, but seriously, this book should be getting alllll the attention. It should win all the awards. Laura Ruby’s gorgeously-crafted portrait of a small town and a handful of its inhabitants, new and old, when they become snared in a story of mythic darkness that feels utterly real, is one of the most startling, original books I’ve read in ages. I loved it.

Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven — Just adding my voice to the chorus on this one. Stories that have pandemics almost always drive me crazy with bad science, so I put off reading this longer than I should’ve. It’s just as good as everyone has told you.

Christine Heppermann’s Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty — This fierce, feminist collection of poetry looks at what it’s like to be a teenage girl by mashing up modern realities with fairy tale conceits. This is one that our book club universally adored, and that’s rare enough that I feel confident in telling you: do not miss. Bonus points for lovely design; I really dug the art paired with the poems.

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