New Lois Lane Short Story!

I told you guys there would be two Lois Lane short story extras, and lo! the first is now posted. You can find “A Real Work of Art” on Wattpad as previewed below or on the Switch Press site (over on the left under previews; bonus: prettier formatting).

There’s also a 25 percent off preorder code at the end for Fallout that you can use at the Capstone/Switch Press site. Preorders from here, there or anywhere (I like doing it through my local indie stores, but anywhere is awesome) help tell the book gods you’re excited about something. And when the book gods are happy, I’m happy.

Now for a little about these stories and the idea behind them…

These are stories to help introduce this version of Lois, obviously, but they also detail incidents mentioned in passing by Lois or others in Fallout* from her storied (ahem) permanent record. But, of course, her school administrators never know the real story. Only you get that. (And, yes, there might be a little more SmallvilleGuy in the second one…) Both take place before her move to Metropolis and each one stands alone.

I hope you have as much fun reading these as I had writing them. I thought of them as a gift to y’all for being so patient waiting for the book. As always, I appreciate the spreading of the word, and hopefully these will also reach new people who haven’t heard about it yet. And now I’m going to hide under my desk biting my nails for a bit.

*These little easter eggs were added after the first ARCs, if you won or have one and are stumped about the mentions. That’s why!

6 thoughts on “New Lois Lane Short Story!”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait for Fallout to be released.
    Btw: are there talks about the book being translated into other languages? I will read it in English, but my best friend, who is also a big Lois fan, only speaks German.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and are excited for the book.

      I assume there may be translations coming, but that’s really in the publisher’s hands. I’d tweet them @switchpresspub and let them know your friend would love a German version!

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