It’s A Book (!) + YASH + Stuff

Yesterday was very exciting, because I was informed there were two mystery boxes on the front porch when Christopher arrived home from the bookstore.

It looked like there might be finished copies of Fallout inside. So then I had to wait hours and hours and hours to see. (Also, yes, the porch needs painted. We know.) But lo! Behold!

This is a seriously beautiful object. A world of thanks to everyone at Capstone/Switch Press and especially the designer. (The under-the-dust-jacket — cover? I’m not sure of the terminology — binding, as you can see a bit above, is newsprint themed, and the end papers are alternating red and sky blue and there’s raised and shiny elements on the cover and the spine and it’s just gorgeous. There’s something about the first time you hold a finished copy of a book you wrote in your hands that feels a lot like magic, and this time I felt that more than ever. And so I’m giving away the very first copy I took out of the box (magic maybe included!), and you just have to RT the tweet below to enter:

Local folks, you can preorder through Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington starting now — anyone at a register can help you if you’re in the store or you can call them up. If you’re a Gives Back member, you get 30% off, and 20% otherwise. And, of course, I hope you’ll come out to the official launch event on Friday evening, May 8. We’re working on a link so anyone from afar who wants to order signed copies and have them mailed can do so (you can always call the store if you want though). If you’re interested in the book at all, please consider preordering or picking it up at the beginning of May and telling a friend/the world: word of mouth plus early sales = good things for Team Lois. (I know many of you already have. I heart y’all.)

What else? Oh, there’s a nice new review in from Voya. Snippet: “A bit of romance, plenty of adventure, and intrigue add up to a tale that will engage most teen readers.”

Now that we have all that out of the way (seriously, how did I get so lucky?), I’m really here to say that I’ll be taking part in the YA Scavenger Hunt, which begins tomorrow at noon Pacific. I’ll be contributing a signed copy of Fallout to the Blue Team prize kitty, and hosting special content from Martina Boone. I wrote an essay about Lois that will be hosted at the fabulous Colleen Houck’s site, and I’ll include a link there in my #YASH post.


The second Lois short story is coming very soon (perhaps today, but definitely soon!). And so it has — links here. Other things also coming soon, including the book! I’ll try not to wear out the megaphone, but, friends, I AM EXCITED so I make no promises.

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