Day-Before-Release-Day Mania

I didn't intend to fall off the map, but I might have taken on a couple of extra deadlines that have eaten the long weekend (along with the viewing of many, many episodes of Scandal on Netflix instant). But THE WOKEN GODS release day is…tomorrow!

Some handy dandy purchasing links (UK versions here):

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound | Powells

I've heard from a couple of people who got their relic postcards, so those of you who haven't should get them anytime.

Some happy-making new reviews have been coming in:

  • A very lovely one at Bibliotropic. Snippet: "Between the diverse cast of interesting characters, the creative plot, and the engaging writing style, The Woken Gods has a guaranteed place on my shelves for a long time to come. YA fans who enjoy a departure from standard material, female protagonists who can stand on their own two feet, and a wild creative ride will do well to check this one out." *beam*
  • Scottish Bookworm in Quebec says: "Strong narrative. Bond takes us through the story at a brisk pace, keeping the narrative tension high. The writing style is smart and efficient and kept me hooked on the story. Great characters. Everyone should have a best friend like Bree!" Click through for more.
  • From Ladybug Literature: "This book was easy to fall in love with from the start. … I think that is artfully done for an author to take a slightly less appealing character and show them in a different light with the help of a well liked character. The book as a whole, dragged me into a world I want to read more of. I want to know what happens next."
  • And Rob Bedford gives the book a nice Recommended review at SFF World. A snippet: "Bond does a lot of things well in her second novel. Her pacing is as brisk and frenetic as in her previous novel and her characters, particularly the protagonist Kyra, is far more than simply the “plucky, clever girl.” Kyra’s emotions come across very well; her urge to help her father, the conflict she feels over Oz, and the fear she has for her friends. I empathized and believed in her as a character and felt for her plight."


And last thing, here's one more day-before-release, pretty graphic quote for you:


Back tomorrow, when I will be whirling–even more–with crazed excitement and nerves.

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  1. I’m seriously hoping both my relic postcard and book will arrive tomorrow! If they do I might even kiss (and totally freak out!) my postman!!

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