Swamped, and so today is another elsewhere day. I'm over at the fabulous E. Kristin Anderson's place, talking about using established legends and mythology.

Snippet: "Probably the biggest single reason for this commonality in my work so far (and my next book, while set in the modern day also draws on the history of the circus) is that I write from my obsessions and interests. As a writer, I’m first and foremost a reader and a magpie–I think most of us are. And we all have certain shiny objects or topics that attract us more than others. If you’re a writer, published or not, I bet you have at least a couple different rows of books (if not more) that would count as “Research” on any given topic."

Go there for the rest, in which I talk mental real estate and attempting to put my own spin on things.

(And, yes, I know I need to make a master post for bloggish tour things to live in; I'll do that soon.)

p.p.s. Don't know how long this will be true, but the Kindle price for Blackwood has dropped to $1.39. Buy now, and spread the word!

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