The Gods Are Officially Woken!

It's release day! My second novel, THE WOKEN GODS, is officially born. A bookseller friend sent me the following picture this morning:

I'll be there later this month. And, of course, I'll be at our other local bookshop, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, tonight at 7 p.m. Come one and all! Tonight Christopher and I might even share a little snippet of our just-finished middle grade, if there's time — and it's our ninth wedding anniversary today.

I am a few other places, too:

A funny little thing those of you who know me personally may notice…

Sometimes in the production process something happens and it doesn't get caught until too late to fix (until reprints). Such a thing happened to the first print editions of THE WOKEN GODS and its dedication page. My parents are alive and well, as are my grandmothers, thankfully. Those of you getting e-books should get the right one, but just so everyone knows THE WOKEN GODS is dedicated to:

Karen Joy Fowler, Kelly Link, and Ursula, three of my favorite tricksters


Amanda Rutter, who kept the faith

These things happen, and, hey, the more copies of that first printing you buy up, the sooner we'll have a second one with a correction. My first errata! And the important thing is the actual book itself is as it should be. *grin*

My sincerest, enormous thanks to everyone for your happy wishes today. And, last but not least, here are some purchasing links:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound | Powells

(And Blackwood's still on sale!)

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