It’s A Real Live Book Day (All The Things! Including Asheville Event!)

So…today is The Day. The day in which a book I wrote, Blackwood, is Officially Published. (Manifold buying links at this page; so cheap–buy two! *ahem*)

I won't go into the story of the looong journey toward this, because there will be quite a few interviews and guest posts and such over the next couple of weeks that do that. Also, because it barely feels real, even though I've seen, signed, and watched books sold already. 

Mainly, I want to say thanks so much to everyone who has already supported my little book and/or me and to say I hope those of you who pick it up enjoy it. If you do, I'd be delighted if you tell a friend online or off, suggest it to your favorite teen, leave a review somewhere, or drop me a tweet to let me know. It was a fun book to write, and I hope it's a fun book to read.

If you want to know more about how Blackwood developed from a writing perspective, I'm over at Scalzi's giving The Big Idea behind it today. AND I'm also at Mary Robinette Kowal's talking about My Favorite Bit (conversational snippet alert).

Some links:

  • Charlie Jane Anders (Hugo-award-winning author!) did brief video interviews with several authors–including me–at WorldCon about writing setbacks. Read and watch at io9.
  • Thanks so much to the FABULOUS Kelly Jensen for coming out to the Angry Robot Author Showcase Event at the Book Cellar and hanging afterward. You can read her report and enter to win a signed copy of Blackwood at Stacked. (Yes, I was a little space cadet-y right after the q&a. *smile* ) It was an honor and pleasure to read with Kim Curran (whose excellent Shift is ALSO out today!), Chuck Wendig, and Adam Christopher at that event, and you should buy all their books. Many thanks to the Book Cellar–a truly gorgeous bookstore–for hosting us and to everyone who came. Yay!
  • review (with well-marked spoilers): "A very promising debut: I look forward to seeing what Gwenda Bond does next."
  • Felicity Disco review: "The novel’s take on what caused the original disappearance was not what I expected, but it provided for a fascinating plot, and Miranda and Phillips are both great leads. (Yes, there’s a bit of romance, but they’re more concerned with NOT DYING most of the time.)"
  • Popcorn Reads review: "I read it straight through because I couldn’t put it down – yep, another late night for me but so worth it! She got the historical elements dead-on and she nailed the island, and the paranormal/mystical elements were also perfect. I’m highly recommending this one, and not just for teens or young adults."
  • Diary of a Bookworm review: "There was excellent tension, a seriously creepy villain and several plot twists I didn't see coming. But where Blackwood really excelled was with its two main characters, Miranda and Phillips. These two had fun dialogue, believable interactions and great chemistry."
  • Civilian Reader review: "If you like your fiction with a dollop of suspense and an understated romance, then Blackwood is for you. This is a solid debut that has put Gwenda Bond onto my “Authors to Watch” List."

Last but not least, Asheville! I will be visiting you tomorrow as part of this event with fancy people:

Come out!

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't say how great WorldCon was (if I had more time I'd do a full post about it!). It was a complete delight to see old friends and meet new ones, as usual. I was on a fun panel with excellent people (including the hilarious Leigh Bardugo), did a reading from Blackwood and the current draft of The Woken Gods, and got to hang out with Erica from excellent blog the Book Cellar afterward. It was also great fun to hang out with so many fellow Strange Chemistry authors. Here's a pic editor Amanda took of me, Kim, Cassandra Rose Clarke, and Julianna Scott in the bar on the first day:


Would love to see pictures if you encounter Blackwood in the wild!

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  1. Likewise! (Well, on the meeting you, not digging into Blackwood.:-)
    I wish we’d bumped into each other again so we could have had a longer chat. Next time.

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