On The Road Hangovers

Clearing out tabs annnnd go:

And a couple more Blackwood reviews–both from UK bloggers–that made me radioactively pleased:

  • From Cara at the Tattooed Book (and Waterstones bookseller): "Blackwood is excellent, intelligent, YA aimed fantasy. For anyone struggling to keep a teenager engrossed in reading, or maybe even tempt them back after they've had a break, this is the kind of story that will reel them right back in!" (Yay!)
  • And from Beth Kemp at Thoughts from the Hearthfire: "I picked the book up to have a quick flick through the beginning and rapidly found myself deep enough in to need to finish it (ahead of other review books that had arrived sooner – argh!). Thank goodness books don't feel jealousy!" (I would marry this review if I could! It describes exactly the book I wanted to write.)

Aside: I really love all the UK blogs I've discovered this year, and these two are both fab.

Okay, off to Chicago for things! Launch day nigh!

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  1. Ha, Cassie and her dad are both in my e-reader! I had no idea they were related, what a nice intersection of my business and reading life 🙂

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