All The Elsewheres Are Here

Or something, because, honestly, I have these moments where I go: THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. I HAVE A BOOK COMING OUT .

And the rest of the time I feel like it's all imaginary.

The Strange Chemistry website has gotten a beeYOOtiful redesign from web guru and magican of all things technical and marketing and etc. at Angry Robot Darren Turpin. And today they've put up excerpts from all four the first SC books, including Blackwood. (This would be one of those moments where it FEELS REAL.) I'm attempting to embed it here, but you should go look at 'em all, like, share, if you feel so moved, etc.

(EEK! I hope you guys enjoy!)



Something else that makes it feel scarily real? Holding an actual copy of the book. Like so:


Me + Blackwood


Some other quick links:

  • New happy-making review from Tsana's Reads and Reviews: "I really loved both the main characters in this book. They work well together, playing off each other as equals. Rather than having one be the damsel in distress, both had different talents which together help them save the day." (Yay!)
  • And two more happy-making reviews: from Strangely Literary ("I think teens will enjoy this new tale and many of them will become intrigued with the history of Roanoke Island when they read the novel") and from my fellow SC author Sean Cummings ("…a breath of fresh air for those of us who are dead dog tired of brooding vampire boyfriends and shape-shifting were-things"; note: I can't wait to read Poltergeeks).
  • And, last, a fab list of YA novels set on islands by Kelly Jensen, who was kind enough to include Blackwood. I have a complete thing for island books, and immediately noted the ones here I haven't read.
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