Okay, I was going to put up my WorldCon schedule and a reminder about the Chicago event today, but I'm leaving that till tomorrow or Monday. Because this is something I'm superexcited about.

Blackwood is going to be an audiobook!

That's right, lovelies, if you prefer to listen to your books, you'll be able to get Blackwood that way simultaneously with its release the first week of September. You can read the full press release from Angry Robot at the link above, but AudioGO will be doing the Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A imprint books, starting with Blackwood and Shift. I have known about this for a little while, so glad to be able to announce it.

The Blackwood audiobook will be voiced by Stephanie Cannon, whose samples are amazing AND who–in addition to acting and voice work–is also a professional stiltwalker. (Those of you who know my love of all things circus will understand how happy this makes me.)

A few other cool things:

  • SFX review! I'm honored for the book to be beside my release sister Kim Curran and her excellent Shift. You can embiggen the photo to read the whole reviews, but I kind of want to marry the part about "Bond's sassy prose"–I have always wanted to have sassy prose. *beams*
  • I also kind of want to marry this review by Ole Imsen at Weirdmage's Reviews (which, btw, is in-depth, but not spoilery in the least):  "This is a great debut novel by Gwenda Bond, and it is a novel that deserves a place on the shelves of any Fantasy fan. And for those that are partial to Young Adult, this is a must buy."
  • A couple more reviews: Josh at Rabid Reads ("Recommended if you like a tempestuous and criminal read redolent of salt-spray") and by Kevin Holtsberry at Collected Miscellany ("I think anyone who enjoys YA – particularly the paranormal romance side – will enjoy this debut.  It has a nice blend of action, mystery and romance and is creative and witty without trying to hard to be cute"). (I so appreciate all the guys who've read and reviewed the book–who says men won't read a book with a romance and a girl on the cover?)
  • And thanks to everyone who spread the word and/or checked out Blackwood's excerpt this week (it has almost 1400 views as I post this–holy cats! nerves!).
  • There's also a new short "Amazon Exclusive" essaylet on Blackwood's Amazon page about my inspiration for the book and how it came together.
  • And, last but not least, while I was on the road last week I neglected to point to a new interview at Manga Maniac Cafe. (Question five was tough–this was a fun interview to do.)

For those who have asked: Blackwood's official release date is Sept. 4 in the U.S. and Sept. 6 in the UK. I do not know if copies will leak out early–except in Chicago next weekend–but please do send photos if you spot one. Eek!

And that's it for now, except to wish Amanda and everyone else on the other side of the pond a great launch party tonight at the British Museum. Go Team SC!

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