Washington, D.C., Baby!

Did all the research (which meant hithering and thithering to doublecheck this and that, mostly), and this trip deserves a proper entry, but probably not until tonight…and maybe not until the end of the week. Tomorrow we head out for BEA in NYC, and a slam-and-jam-packed couple of days. In the meantime, have some goofing off (more SERIOUS photos–and goofing around–at the flickr account):

In Which Our Heroine Rides a Glittery Fantastical Beast

See you in New York? I can't wait.

2 thoughts on “Washington, D.C., Baby!”

  1. Oh, boy – Delia & I rode that same carousel back in our early days together – when we were young & adorable enough that, after carefully selecting our mounts & squealing over the first ride, the Carousel Guy winked at us and let us ride til closing time for free.
    So glad to see you found it, too!
    Would love to see you in NY – let us know when you’re free?

  2. Aw! I can just picture you guys on there. Maybe sometime we’ll be in D.C. at the same time and can all ride it together…and fight over the fantasy horse. 🙂
    So sad we didn’t get to see y’all. A trip too brief. Next time, for sure.

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