Excuses, Excuses

(I bet that's one of my most frequently-used post titles. Sorry!)

Been busy, of course, but also taking some space to let the new novel begin to breathe and come to life (which I think it is, although I'm still terrified of it). And I know enough to grab breathers between deadlines when I can and clear some mental space. As a result, I haven't had the extrananeous chatter brewing that leads me to post lots. But I'll be back soon with some hangovers and things.

In the meantime, I read two books I absolutely loved (well, and probably more since I have been indulging in a major post-draft book snarfing spell, before story-making mode kicked back in):

I finally managed to read Sarah Rees Brennan's The Demon's Surrender, the last in the trilogy, and it might possibly be my favorite, which is saying something. You should read all three books immediately if you haven't yet done so (and, hey, I've been recommending them for ages, so get on it). This is simply the best kind of urban fantasy; whip-smart, emotional, funny, and powerful. And what Sarah manages with point of view over the course of the series: Whoa. Reader, I swoon.

I also loved Michelle Hodkin's The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, which I read in a kind of fugue state last week, unable to put it down. (Inconvenient!) One of my favorite debuts of the year, undoubtedly, and a book that I hope will find eager readers who love mystery and/or romance and/or horror and/or fantasy and/or contemporary or–best of all–all of those things.  I'll say no more here for now, because I also reviewed it for Locus, but: You want this one.

Feel free to drop your own recent reading recs in the comments. There is always a need for MOAR book love.

Back soon.

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