Friday Hangovers

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  1. Alessar wrote:
    I didn’t realize Margot Adler was still reporting. I really enjoyed her book Drawing Down the Moon. It was a wonderful way to be educated about the neo-pagan movement.
    It’s great to see the Norton award. I still miss Andre Norton. I wish I had known about her writer’s resource/library. I would have gone down and visited it. When I was in college (’88 ish) I wrote her a big fan letter of some kind and talked about working on trying to write a book. She took the time to jot a few encouraging lines back to me. (I lost the note, alas!) If I recall right, she said something about how it was great I already knew the importance of doing my research and wished me good luck. She really was a great lady.
    [So, Facebook Connect has problems just like using my lj for OpenID did. Alas!]

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