Tuesday Hangovers

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  1. I read the Newton piece… Nothing new there, but it was interesting. When my father was a young man training in the Army Air Corps, Northerners actually asked him if he owned slaves. As in, did he own any right now? So I’m never surprised by anything people say about Southerners. And I remember being advised in my 20’s not to ever bother to apply for certain grants–“Southerners never get them.”

  2. Wow, although I can’t say I haven’t witnessed similar stuff. The literary bias side of things is especially interesting, I think, considering how large the south looms over American letters to this day. And how successful so many unabashedly southern authors are–only they’re considered Regional Authors.

  3. Thanks for the link to You are not a bad person… There is always fascinating stuff in your blog and I look for it every day.

  4. Re the link on book length – after seeing so many of the guys I went to school with inhale the LOTR series, I’ve often wondered where that teens=short book length caveat came from. If anything, I would say that if anything, teens have always liked longer books (more willing to sink into story/obsess about characters) than adults.

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