5 thoughts on “Poetry?”

  1. Poems are incomprehensible word mashes? If the music of your line relies on a rhythm section, you’re in trouble. Some of it is compelling as fragment, but as a whole, I’d recommend intense revision.

  2. Couldn’t tell you if it was poetry or not but I died laughing when he did this the other night. Whoever thought to ask Shatner to recite the lines was bloody brilliant.

  3. Okay – my reaction – MOVE OVER, ALAN GINSBURG!! “…no rain…no rainbow…” Wow, that’s DEEP.
    We should all be so lucky to have bongos going in the background when we read (and if anyone plays bongos who is currently a student at Vermont College of Fine Arts, MFA/Writing for Children, please contact me for plans for my Winter Residency reading….)
    As for the politics of it, I just keep hoping each little laugh we enjoy about this woman (were we discussing the banality of evil recently?) will move her that much farther away from our having to take her seriously.

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