Strawberry Death Match!

My new favorite thing ever–or at least of today–via Sarah Cross: Frazetta-style* '80s cartoon art.


You'll understand if I tell you that my friends and I STILL listened to the ultimately trippy Strawberry Shortcake Exercise and Fun Album in high school (it ended brilliantly with a track called "The Bottom of the Sea"). But, seriously, I learned to DIVE because of Strawberry Shortcake–and then my brother blew her up. I couldn't love this piece more.

*Or possibly some other style that Jeremy references in the comments and which, I've no doubt, will inspire hearty debate on a topic of which I know zippo. I just heart killer Strawberry Shortcake. I fully support the analysis of her genius.

5 thoughts on “Strawberry Death Match!”

  1. I hate to be the squeaky voice of geek reason, but that is rather more Hildebrandt style than Frazetta. See? Frazetta’s a much looser painter, indicating his planes in rough brushes of sometimes unpredictable color. His clouds and sky and the edges of his mountains would all be melting psychedelically into some steaming green-magenta liquid periphery. Also there would be carrion birds. Always the damn carrion birds.

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