Disappearing Girl

Just popping in to say I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, go over to Ari Berk's and tell a ghost story, or alternately just selfishly read all the amazing ones in the comments. Which is what I did–but I will add one! It's just hard to choose from so many!* (Via Holly.)

And someday I'll do that 25 things meme too, only is that finally over? I haven't been tagged** in the last 24 hours…

*Remember, I'm southern. I spent half my misspent teen years chasing down ghost stories, like an episode of Random Ghost-Hunting Show with really bad hair.
**Not in any way, shape or form an invitation.

2 thoughts on “Disappearing Girl”

  1. Me too! Re: chasing ghost stories. I mean, I read about Jeffrey and his southern ghost friends in a treehouse on a farm. It’s too, too stereotypical to be believed, but that’s what I did.

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