Here’s my Wiscon schedule. It seems early to post it, but everybody else is, so who am I to resist? I decided to forgo reading this year, since the schedule’s been so packed and other sillier reasons I won’t go into.

Title: Curses! YA Villains Unite
"Evil stepmothers, mean fairies, jealous sisters, wicked enchanters and greedy kings, the fairy tale itself — YA fantasy protagonists have more enemies than they can shake a spindle at. Let’s talk about what defines a worthy opponent, which characters deserve to be defeated, and which are simply the misunderstood heroes of their own stories. "
Saturday, 2:30-3:45 P.M.
Capitol B

M: Tamora Pierce
Gwenda Bond
Cecil Castellucci
Sharyn November
P. C. Hodgell

Title: Judging the Tiptree
Sunday, 10:00-11:15 A.M.
Conference 4

M: Debbie Notkin
Gwenda Bond
Meghan McCarron

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