Wiscon Thingeroos

  • I was going to post about what an amazing experience serving on the Tiptree jury ultimately turned out to be, particularly getting to discuss Carhullan Army and the honor list in an in-depth way with such smart people over the weekend. I’d been vaguely dreading the Judging the Tiptree panel, even more after Meghan and I both stayed up too late the night before at Dave and Sarah’s launch party; it turned out to be a fabulous, wide-ranging conversation with the folks who showed up. I feel grateful for the whole experience — even the singing. Anyway, I’d say more, but Meghan has already said it. So just read her post instead.
  • The one panel I wasn’t on that I made it to was the Magical Realism: Threat or Menace? panel, where Dora Goss, Jeremy Lassen, Cat Valente and moderator Delia Sherman quickly agreed the title and panel description were unnecessarily inflammatory and went on to have a truly fascinating conversation. At one point, Dora talked about how the academic establishment generally views secondary world fantasies as lesser than fantasies rooted in the "real" world. I’ve been wondering since if perhaps such readers essentially experience works of (especially) Latin American and Eastern European magical realism as secondary world fantasies, thus creating a big loophole.
  • Christopher and Cecil’s pattycake smackdown in the Governor’s Club was awesome.
  • Icon! Yum!
  • Barb fixed my dress. Yay!
  • As per everyone else’s complaints, not enough time with all the fabulous people. I’m avoiding the big list o names, because there are really and truly too many. Readercon — who’s going? We are.

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  1. I’ve never attended Readercon before, but I expect to be there this year. Of course, I won’t know anybody there, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

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