Woe & Hope

Terri Windling has announced the demise of the Endicott Studio blog and the Journal of Mythic Arts — both of which are sad things. That said, I’m happy at the prospect of exciting new work from everyone involved (especially Terri and Midori) and look forward to seeing what happens next.

(My first real fiction publication was last summer in the YA issue– and I’ll always be glad it was published there, glad to be a part of small part of JoMA’s story.)

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  1. Oh my god. It can’t be so. I will miss it greatly. The Endicott Studio Blog and Mythic Arts is a wonderful place. I visit it at least once a day. Like your blog it’s a wonderful place to catch up on everything literary. I always look forward to seeing the terrific links you find and all of the wonderful fantasy type stuff Terri and Ellen turn up.
    Thank you Gwenda, for a terrific place for all things literary. Love the children’s book links as well. I’m a firm believer that to be a well rounded reader, children’s books are a must.

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