Post Office Famous

This morning I had to go in and pick up our mail because we had a "too much to fit in box" thingie, AND an express mail thingie (and the P.O. lady had even left a message about the express mail while we were traveling). We get a sizeable amount of mail–mostly books–and while a chunk comes to the house, quite a lot of it goes to the P.O. Box.

Anyway, it turns out that this has not gone unnoticed by the postal workers and that they refer to our mail as: "James Bond’s mail." The woman asked me about the name of my blog, and when she called to a co-worker to bring out our box’s accumulated box she added, "It’s James Bond!" and he came out to see me. "You guys get a lot of mail," she said, clearly wanting to know what precisely we were getting.

But I was coy and just said, "I know," because do you really think they’d keep calling it "James Bond’s mail" if they knew it was mostly books?

Me neither.

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