It’s spring, so I’ve springified the design a bit. (Oh, to be able to design headers.)

ANYWAY, everything seems to be working properly EXCEPT the Read Read list over to the right — Karen’s novel seems to have broken it. I’ve sent a message to the Tech Support People, so keep your fingers crossed. At the moment, it’s not letting me add the absolutely BRILLIANT new novel by Jincy Willet, The Writing Class. Woe.

p.s. It makes me very nervous when people are following me at Twitter, according to automatically generated e-mail messages. It seems to be happening more and more. I don’t even remember my password. I don’t recall my last Twitterette, but it’s unlikely to be followed by another. Ditto for Goodreads — I never update these things. I do love getting the e-mail with the Flickr friends updates though. Oh, technology, you are a wiley siren.

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