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And now the Best Books for Young Adults and Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers lists are out (I include the full names for those of you who aren’t rabid children’s fiction readers — you in particular may find some books you’ll adore on these). Haven’t had a chance to look at them yet, but congratulations to those whose books made the cut, as always.

I haven’t been keeping up with everything while I’m away, so haven’t actually seen the carping Justine’s talking about (not surprised though — and all women in the Printz category, now there’s a change!). But: what she said! I’d also say that these books are NOT particularly obscure. I’d read three out of five of them, which is relatively unusual for any awards list. I was absolutely jumping in my seat when I heard the winners. These are wonderful books, absolutely wonderful. If you hadn’t heard about them before, well, be glad it didn’t stay that way!

And a big thanks to Colleen for pointing me toward The White Darkness with her piece in the summer Journal of Mythic Arts.

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  1. THANK you for spelling out BBYA. Had no idea what it was.
    Printz books: I absolutely loved REPOSSESSED by A.M. Jenkins and have been talking it up like crazy to the Norton jury, and now that it’s got this honor I hope they will take a look at it.

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