4 thoughts on “All Is Well”

  1. We HATES yous!
    It’s 27 degrees in your shiny, happy hometown. It was freezing and raining all day yesterday.
    A real friend would have smuggled us into the country in her luggage!
    just kidding (sort of). Hope you guyz are living the good life!

  2. I can only say that has been even more beautiful than Gwenda’s photo suggests. Christopher has charmed the staff AND the local tiny package store where he buys flour, eggs and butter to make biscuits. When we went in to the package store the other night, the woman who runs it saw Christopher and started smiling. Christopher ordered two pounds of flour, caged a Jamaican cheese doodley kind of snack off the girl behind the counter who was eating a bag of them, explained to me that in Jamaica you buy eggs by the pound, not by the dozen, added a flat of Red Stripe and a bottle of wine to his order (which earned him a bit of eyerolling on the part of the proprietress, followed by laughter) and we sailed out into the night. In the distance, we heard the frogs in the marsh, and a car went by going perhaps a bit fast given the state of the narrow, sort of paved road, and dopplered reggae.

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