And I finished the first full draft of le novel, which was my one and only goal for this week (besides swimming a lot and having fun; plus, Karen was there to applaud, making it even sweeter). Now we’re sitting out next to Jake’s enjoying the late afternoon sun and tonight we’re having a bonfire on the beach. Then home home home to our very sad (and rightfully so) dogs and slightly less sad cat, in hopes of cheering them up. If you get the chance to visit Treasure Beach, Jamaica, I highly recommend it.

13 thoughts on “Achieved!”

  1. Gwenda, that’s fantastic! It seems like that pronouncement should be made in much bigger letters or something! So happy for you. Yearning towards the end myself, mere pages away, I feel the enormity of your achievement all the way down to my toes. Yay, you!

  2. Late to the party, but CONGRATS! That’s awesome. And as I trudged through snow to get to work this morning… say hello to the sun (and beach) for me!

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