Keep Everything Crossed

  Most At Home I’ve Felt All Day 
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I write this from the Miami-Dade County Public Library’s main branch, which just happens to be across the street from the federal building, home of the passport office. If all goes according to the (new) plan, I’ll swing over there and grab my shiny new passport (less than 24 hours, babee, since we discovered it was expired*), then we’ll book back to the airport and get on the 7:25 flight to Montego Bay… arriving mere six hours or so after we were supposed to and after our compatriots.

Are we this lucky? I hope so.

I already miss these guys, who were supersad to see us go. (And this guy too–cat, not boy who’s sitting next to me.) And yes, I’ll be completely fried by the time we (crossed) get out to the villa around 11:30 or midnight. Fried, but tropical. Keep it crossed and send the good karma, mon.

*Christopher’s Automated Phone System Fu is second to none.

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