Home Again

  This Frog Means Business 
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With all the catch-up that entails — mountains of e-mail and laundry, the last packet of the semester to finish, etcetera etcetera, all to be dealt with in the next week.

Still, mostly I’m dreaming of: the Pelican Bar, frogs, the ocean, copious writing time, amazing meals that show up regularly through no effort of one’s own, rum, lengthy readings of the Worst Book Ever Published, games that reveal secret world domination tendencies, the ocean first thing in the morning, the smell of fresh beach towels, noodles, Christopher with a Red Stripe, the Jake’s specials board, revamped TV ideas involving Scott Bakula (sort of), rum, fresh mangoes, crabs covering and uncovering themselves in sand, biscuits, an ant army, crocodiles, the view(s), a bunch of great friends having wonderful conversations, and the hammock. The Green Flash will have to wait until next time (except for the three people who saw it).

But, hey, these are good dreams to have.

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