Heroes Yammer

Please get good again. Please get good again. Thank you.

Kindred. Suresh finds an undiscovered Issac Mendez painting that shows someone’s death; Maya frees Alejandro from a Mexican jail; in the past Hiro discovers something new about Kensei; and Niki and Micah leave Las Vegas to get away from their past.

Of course, it does say right there that Niki’s back…

5 thoughts on “Heroes Yammer”

  1. is it just me or did the crappy plotline of the Mexican characters replace the crappy plotline of DL and Niki?
    this season is really boring me.

  2. I agree — they need to get Hiro and Ando back together stat. And is it just me or does the flying effect with the new kid look really cheesy compared to Nathan’s? They are just making so many narrative missteps here — letting characters avoid things, making things too easy. The only moments that I really thought were great included Mohinder… and that is not a good sign. (I think his stuff with Noah and with his boyfriend the cop was pretty good, actually.) They made a real mistake in revealing and killing off Linderman so quickly. The Company feels more toothless now, somehow? If Linderman was calling all the shots, then who is doing it now? They need to reveal that and it needs to be good. I’m not worried about ANYBODY right now, which is death for a show like this.
    The twins are boring me To Death.

  3. Yeah, that was a pretty sad effort. They’re trying to drum up some tension with the Darth Peter thing, but we all know he’s going to be just fine and end up leading a superhero team. Speaking of which… how dumb are these people that the only ones who kept in touch after saving the world are HRG, Matt and Mohinder? Nobody thought to compare notes about the Company or the tattoo/symbol that crops up everywhere? Even with Hiro and Peter out of the picture, you’d think a few of these people would want to go out for a cup of coffee afterwards and share some vital information. Or, you know, HRG might have told Claire a few things about what he’s done in his past, since she’s already knee-deep in it.
    It’s still fun to watch people discover superpowers and all, but the show has managed to lose my interest after only two poor episodes. I could have forgiven a lot of bad writing and plot holes if they’d given me some thread of story arc to look forward to.

  4. Agreed, though I remember being bored silly with the first few episodes of last season, too, but I persevered, and it go better. So I have some hope. I actually thought last night was an improvement. At least people *did* stuff — shoving armored cars around! Sylar killing illusion-girl! — even if it was stupid stuff. And I was pleased that Peter’s tattoo healed, because it would have annoyed me if it hadn’t.

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