Busy Week, Glowing Screen

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been quiet around here, and I’m sorry about that. I’ve actually been writing this week and, well, as long as that’s working I’m inclined to pop in and out of ye olde blogging when there is time. Rest assured, though, that this has not interfered with my experience of the true debut week of the new TeeVee season. Never that.

So far, new shows I’m liking are Gossip Girl (the frothy pleasure of guilt), Reaper (except for the Jack Black impersonator and the fact the only defined female character is the love interest), and Chuck (less focused than Reaper, but charming). We haven’t made it through Journeyman yet, and the Bionic Woman is on the DVR. I have to say that none of the premieres of anything–tried and true or new–have caused an utter wow response yet, but none of them have sucked. (I kind of wish they weren’t selling the "House must have a teammmmm" thing as hard as they are; Heroes seems to do interstitial episodes better than first and last ones; and I love the girl with Asperger’s on ANTM, which ensures she won’t win.) But I fully expect The Office to bring the wow tonight. Jim & Pam. Pam & Jim. Wii Tennis beforehand. You can’t beat it.

And next weekend we hit Chicago running for the first ever Kidlitosphere Conference; if you’re there and won’t be at that thing, drop me an e-mail so we can go to the Lush store or something. There will be a visit to the Lush store. Oh yes.

This weekend? Painting and flooring in the kitchen. Probably also the requisite screaming and crying that goes along with that. And Veuve for when it’s finished.

3 thoughts on “Busy Week, Glowing Screen”

  1. I so have to agree about the lack of TV wowness, but I’m thinking it’s a good thing. I’ll get more writing done — though less knitting. Ha! Reaper was okay, same with Chuck, same with Bionic Woman, which I just wish had been COOLER. And Heroes was a big dull drag! Am taping The Office right now for after I meet my damned word count for the day. Does this message count toward my word count? No, I think not. Off I go!
    Oh yeah, and I gave up ANTM this year. Phew!

  2. Yay, Micol!
    I can’t write at night, Laini, so I unabashedly watch pretty much everything I feel at all inclined toward. I really adore good TV and sometimes good/bad TV and just okay TV. ANTM has two smart girls this year — it’s like when they have two plus size girls, you know one ain’t gonna make it long.

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