Welcome to the Manse

Our house is not a manse, not close (though it does have that formal parlour), but we decided it needed a name. We decided this while at an art show — controversial though that may have been to red-shirt lady and dorky kid — featuring exquisite letterpress work from locally-based Press 817. (To see some work from another exceedingly awesome local letterpress outfit go to Cricket Press — I suggest buying some prints and posters and etc. See also: their Etsy store.) Anyway, henceforth when you’re coming to visit and someone asks where you’re going, tell them:


I think you’ll agree it’s perfect.

Now we just have to get a copy of the print that came from. Some background here for those unfamiliar with the moniker’s origin.

Okay, now back to novelizing for me.

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  1. This reminds me that Madison, WI used to be known as the Athens of Midwest too…all that summer frollicking on campus with not much on I suppose.

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