After just a couple of hours, I’m a total Scrivener convert. My novel is handily broken into documents for each chapter, with a synopsis for each, and if that doesn’t sound exciting, it’s only because you aren’t looking at the complete and utter awesome that this enables.

7 thoughts on “Wow”

  1. Ooh, that does it – I’ve been ogling Scrivener on & off for the last couple months but kept talking myself out of it – now I’m definitely going to get it, though!

  2. I downloaded the free version Friday to try it, b/c of the discussion here. Haven’t had time to play with it yet, but will be less trepidatious after hearing how quickly you were able to get up to speed. It looks so cool!

  3. Definitely do — I’m not usually a big proponent of software magic type stuff, but this really is just designed for writers. It’s easy, but still full of features and just wow.

  4. CAAF, we cross-commented. I did have to go on the Scrivener forum to ask how to divy up my file easily into smaller ones. People responded almost immediately though, and it was super-easy.

  5. THANK YOU FOR THIS! how had i not heard about scrivener before? i downloaded it yesterday, and i’m already in love.

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