And I just sent in my fifth and final packet to my advisor — about 90 pages of fiction (novel excerpt + a short story), two essays, an annotated bibliography. And, boy, are my arms tired.

Wait. Make that my brain. Boy, is my brain tired. But semester one is done!

Tonight I walk the puppies and drink wine. And wish there was good television. (I watched the Veronica Mars finale again last night while essaying and, wow, that really was good TV, huh?)

I had fun with the Amazing and Incredible, Only-Slightly-Laughable, Politically Unassailable, PoMo English Paper Title Generator during my breaks today. My favorites were: "Male Collusion and the Edges of Postmodern Relic in Gwenda Bond’s Monster Nation" and "Identity as Capitalism: Questioning Mythical Murder in Gwenda Bond’s Monster Nation." You try. You can even use books that aren’t still being written. (Via.)

5 thoughts on “Whew”

  1. That finale was amazing, wasn’t it? Nothing against “the Sopranos” but all the hoopla about its ending brought up a reprise of mourning for the demise of “Veronica.”
    Congrats on being done! Wishes for good wine & some sort of dream movie marathon on tv tonight for your amusement.

  2. Woo! Mythical Murder! What that, I wonder? Never mind, I’m not sure I want to know…I’m still processing the Edges of Postmodern Relic to a point of understanding.
    Yay for being done! Happy summer…

  3. I can’t wait! (Well, actually I can — it’ll be nice to have a month off, but it’ll be fun when it rolls around.)

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