Saturday Hangovers

I have all these posts fluttering around to write once packet the final (of this semester) is over, which is a week from today. Assuming all goes according to plan. This means, though, that since I’ve spent the last couple of weeks revising, I have to bust it and do 1500 words a day or so of new material for the next six days. (Yes, I have enough to turn in already, but I’d really rather turn in 50 new messy messy pages of stuff he hasn’t seen, so I get direction on where to go with them, than stuff that is now where it needs to be due to revision and just get the nod on it — it really is strange to do a draft this way, but working so far, so…) I also appear to have a bit of Scratchy Throat & Tiny Men Inside Temples Crud that no doubt came courtesy of Wiscon, but I’m pretending I don’t, other than sleeping in until nearly 11 today and still being in my pajamas.  Christopher leaves for Syc Hill this time next week, so he’s under the deadline gun too. This will be a fun week, no?

I am getting together an ordering page for Say… what’s the combination? that contributors can link to — and contributor and subscriber copies and such will be en route soon, but it may take a week or so longer than it should. Yes, we know we suck at this admin stuff, which is why the next issue is Say… is that the end?, ahem.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Hangovers”

  1. I really wish I understood why print reviewers are so virulently opposed to blogs. Is it really just that they feel threatened?
    Maybe it’s a matter of a completely different way of thinking. The guy you linked to seemed to take it for granted that bloggers would want to come to that panel and ‘prove their legitimacy.’ I can’t imagine a greater waste of my time. If I write good stuff, smart people will read it and respond positively. That all the legitimacy I need. How is this hard to understand?

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