Friday Hangovers

8 thoughts on “Friday Hangovers”

  1. Also in Knocked Up – Jason Segel, and Martin Starr. Run a Scooby Doo movie right after it, and it’s almost a reunion!
    Hey, everyone has a dream…

  2. I thought James Franco’s cameo was clever, along the lines of this being a reunion. We just saw Knocked Up tonight and really enjoyed it (as did A.O. Scott, if name-dropping means anything to you). Just sayin’, sort of to balance the scales.

  3. I’ve charmed the virtual world with my opinion like so. It’s not totally crankless, but what can you do? Nice new blog look, by the way.

  4. Are you guys in D.C. right now? (Yes, I just woke up to this possibility.) More importantly: will you be there in October?

  5. We are in Falls Church right now, but that’s in the District Area (DA), about twenty minutes into Virginia. We should be here all weeks and most weekends through October seventeenth or so (her last class is the twelfth, and then there’s some meeting-age to attend to).
    So here’s the question you knew I was going to ask: why didn’t anyone tell me I was spelling my name wrong all this time? Huh?

  6. I thought it was an artistic choice!
    Okay, that gives us another reason to get up to the D.C. area sooner than that. Or you guys need to come to Kentucky!

  7. Oh, please visit. That would be fabulous. Come any time. We’ll probably be in KY again over Labor Day–since Sunshine cannot miss school, we have to wait for the long weekends (you were in Wisconsin when we were there last). We’ll get together sometime.

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