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The NYT profiles the deal-breaking content of some apartments. One rich, strange bachelor has faded, decades-old kiddie sheets (because they don’t make them in adult sizes anymore*):

“I was dating this very nice woman, I thought,” says Mr. Podell. “I was ready and she was ready to do the big deed. I take her to my apartment, go into the bedroom, and fling back the sheets, and she said, ‘My husband had these sheets and he was a mean-hearted son of a bitch and you must be like him and I’m leaving.’ ”

Could it be maybe, just maybe, that the problem is that Mr. Podell refers to sex as "the big deed"?

But stuffed baby seal guy’s just getting a bad rap. Klimt posters, however? Buffy already handled that one.

Gavin, let me know if any of these people write in to Dear Aunt G: I am ready with the advice bazooka.

*This guy is a millionaire and yet not enterprising enough to get some custom sheets made? The women SHOULD be running.

9 thoughts on “Just Saying”

  1. *meep*
    I looked at that picture.
    In my house! Right now! (But just the top sheet) (and it’s not on my bed so maybe it’s just a secret dealbreaker…)

  2. I’ve never referred to sex as “the big deed” — because I feel that sex should be as spontaneous as possible and should never be compared with a real estate transaction. Often people get so caught up in the prospect of having sex that they forget about the pleasures contained within the activity. The big question: would it have killed the guy to get comfortable high-thread count silk sheets with which to KEEP his prospective partner in bed? Perhaps these sheets were indeed comfortable. I have only visual evidence to go by here.
    I have nothing against sheets along these lines, once certain geek lines and acceptance of one another have been established. But it seems to me that this guy made a tactical mistake in settling upon these sheets from the start. Why did he not talk to this woman and stop her from leaving and try to persuade her out of her rational association with these sheets?
    Two strikes then: “big deed” and letting her run away. And now it’s all been publicly reported in the New York Times.

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