Spring Cleaning

We spent the day visiting the Tax Lady on the Mountain (due to our massive stack of evil 1099s we won’t know the extent of the damage until next weekend — please, fate and gov’t, be kind) and feeding fish in my parents’ pond, then came home and in a frenzy of spring nuttiness gave both dogs baths (!), then cleaned inside and mowed outside.

I also made my nomination for the next round of the LBC, and I’m superexcited about this book. I think it’s kind of funny that my two nominations are both going to be things that are (or could be) shelved in the mystery section; a fluke, that, but one that pleases me. (The first was The Girl in the Glass, of course, and this one you could probably puzzle out if you try.) Anyway, the discussion will be great fun, especially if we manage to "relaunch" (read as: refine) the LBC site/effort by then.

Tomorrow there shall be laundry and writing and email.

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