Two Things I Love

1. Brotherhood 2.0. So very, very funny. And you just don’t know how far it will escalate: today Sutter Home, tomorrow _____. That is one scary blank to fill!

2. Jason Sizemore has put Christopher’s story "The League of Last Girls" up as a zipped PDF. Go read it. (Some of the horror reviewers seem to be finding it confusing, but I actually think it’s one of his funnier, more straightforward — yet creeeeepy — stories. So, penny for your thoughts.)

4 thoughts on “Two Things I Love”

  1. I just want to remind folks that, if Sutter Home wines aren’t to their taste, the label is owned by the Trinchero family, who put out some fine, well-reviewed wines under their Trinchero Family and Napa Reserve labels, giving everybody the opportunity to use their wine purchasing choices as a means of supporting these fine women and men right here.

  2. “The League of Last Girls,” survivors of horror scenarios, only the main character, in this haven of Last Girls, in this story, isn’t the girl who takes on the monster, but the one who happened to survive. Very creepy, typical horror in the girl’s flashbacks, but the ending is frightening indeed. Because the killer will return, always returns, and this survivor wasn’t the one mentally and intellectually prepared to take him on.
    The play upon the stereotypes of killers and the PTSD of the girls made me smile.
    And I liked the connection of the killers being stuck in the girl’s minds, much like teen girls getting particular boys stuck in their minds. Even when the relationship between the two of them is over.

  3. Exactly! Thanks, Pam — for a few minutes there I was afraid I was turning into the worst first reader ever. The one who says, “Yes, it’s clear, it’s great,” when in reality it is utterly incomprehensible. 🙂

  4. Well said, Pam. I thought the story was remarkably creative and original.
    I dunno how Christopher comes up with this weird, evocative ideas…must be something in the water downtown. 🙂

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